The Belafontes - Big Man

Genre: Surf Punk

Australian band The Belafontes shared their first single from the upcoming second EP, it’s called “Big Man” and he might exist in your life as well if this sounds familiar: “He’s the kind of guy who hangs around way too late at the end of parties and refuses to let the dream die. He works a 9-5 in a suit, but gets loose with the boys and traps you in a deep conversation at 1am.”
Paul and Jess, the only band members, created a highly positive and light song with the most infectious melodies. The mild mood here blends with the exciting guitar energy and the cozy fuzziness of garage rock sound. “Big Man” brings such a breezy summery atmosphere, as if you’re playing with refreshening ocean waves, beautiful and carefree. Just like with their previous tracks, the band managed to write lovely, cheerful music without being too sweet, but showing their own character.

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