The Azenas - Done Done Done

Genre: Rock 'n' Roll

The Azenas, an exceptional band from Sheffield, UK, released the new album “On Doctor's Orders” with some really contagious tunes, and “Done Done Done” is one of them.

Pretend Collective - Higher Than A Flying Cloud Castle Made of White Light

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Pretend Collective is here with a devouring psychedelic funnel called “Higher Than A Flying Cloud Castle Made of White Light,” the second single off their debut album, out on September 13.

Haycorns - ASHES

Genre: Indie Pop

“ASHES,” an intriguing song that opens up Haycorns’ self-titled debut EP, is perfect for relaxed, slow mornings.

Stay Home Friday - Playlist #1

A collection of cozy songs for Fridays at home. 
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Old Mamalahoa, Samuel Bley - Lonely Traveler

Genre: Folk 

Old Mamalahoa, the duo of Clover and Meadow Stassens, presented a new single called “Lonely Traveler,” made with the help of Samuel Bley on background vocals.

tummyache - In Between

Genre: Alternative Rock

Soren Bryce’s project tummyache debuted with the deep, magical single “In Between.”

Spinster - Sisyphus

Genre: Indie Rock

With the self-titled debut album, the band Spinster proves that rock music can be soothing without losing its drive.

Maggie Slater - Time Warp

Genre: Indie Pop

The Australian musician Maggie Slater released an incredibly sunny and absorbing EP titled “In Bloom” comprising the song “Time Warp,” a refreshening and catchy tune.

Silver Fern - Lantern

Genre: Dream Pop

Silver Fern, a band from Alabama, opens up the entrancing fantasy world with the song “Lantern” from their self-titled EP.

The Burkharts - Flower City Nights

Genre: Slacker Rock, Indie Rock

“Flower City Nights” is a lovely tune from The Burkharts’ debut EP “Lazy Dazing,” released at the end of this spring, but perfectly fitting in the warm summer days.

The Cosmics - Eyes

Genre: Garage Rock

The UK band The Cosmics released a self-titled debut EP yesterday, and it’s an exciting garage rock drive that’ll definitely spark off a major energy wave.

Mora Mothaus - Sacred Darkness, Sunshine

Genre: Indie Folk

Mora Mothaus, a singer-songwriter from Japan, created an ethereal atmosphere with the song “Sacred Darkness, Sunshine” from her debut EP “Overture to a Dream.”

Delaney - Enchantment

Genre: Chamber Pop

“Enchantment” is a wonderful debut single from Delaney, a very talented, classically trained musician with Lebanese, Swiss and German origins, who lives in NY now.

Marsupial Soup - Suzanne

Genre: Indie Pop

Any beach day can be brighten up even more with the song “Suzanne” by Marsupial Soup, or Sam and Joe Norris, brothers from South Wales, now based in the North East of England.

Lady Moon & The Eclipse - GLOBAL WARNING

Genre: P-Funk

Back in April, Lady Moon & The Eclipse released a fantastic single about the need to take care of our planet, it’s called “GLOBAL WARNING” and it’s even more topical these summer days.