LULLANAS - Pennsylvania Skies

Genre: Folk

LULLANAS, the duo of twin sisters Atisha and Nishita Lulla, will cuddle you gently with their brilliant new song “Pennsylvania Skies.”

The Brush - Squeeze & Turn

Genre: Indie Rock

The Brush has shared a calm, mesmerizing music piece called “Squeeze & Turn.”

Mariecke Borger - To Stay

Genre: Folk

In the beginning of March Dutch singer-songwriter Mariecke Borger has released a wonderful new album, take a listen to the ethereal third single off of it.

Matty Fees - Trip

Genre: R&B

Matty Fees, a classically trained artist from California, has shared his delightful new song called “Trip.”

Laveda - L

Genre: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze

“L” is a brilliant new track from Laveda’s upcoming album “What Happens After,” be ready for some irresistible shoegaze charm.

Drumtap & SHELLS - Someone Like You

Genre: Post-Garage

London based producer Drumtap and singer-songwriter SHELLS have released a captivating composition called “Someone Like You.”

Desolo - Spanish Cowboy

Genre: Pop

Desolo, a talented artist born in Venezuela, has shared his impressive new single “Spanish Cowboy.”

Farnell Newton & Toranpetto - Afternoon Rain

Genre: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

“Afternoon Rain” is a delightful collaboration of trumpeter Farnell Newton and producer Toranpetto, it’s a beautiful and soothing blend of jazz and lo-fi hip hop.

CIEL - Days

Genre: Indie Rock

Brighton-based band CIEL has released the glowing as a spring morning second single from the upcoming EP “Movement.”

PWR CPL - Like Fire

Genre: R&B

Right in time for International Women's Day, Los Angeles based duo PWR CPL has released a strong feminist single called “Like Fire.”

golda - Dear Los Angeles

Genre: Pop

“Dear Los Angeles” is the third single from golda’s upcoming EP, it’s full of true feelings and honest reflection.

madrone avenue - Before Sunrise

Genre: Pop

Japanese band madrone avenue shared their new song that’s going to take a special place in your heart enveloped by its silken waves.

Cat Clark - Ghost

Genre: R&B, Rap

“Ghost” is a fascinating new track by Cat Clark, it’s fresh, melodious and effective.

Hollie Col - She Knows

Genre: Indie Pop

Australian singer-songwriter Hollie Col shared an absolutely charming new song about love, it’s called “She Knows.”

Lui Salazar - Pusher

Genre: Alternative Rock

Lui Salazar, a talented artist from Illinois, released his new EP “Precious Wonderland,” and its enlivening sound will shake you up.