Lil Known Fact - Grandpa's Cheesebarn

Genre: Indietronica

“Grandpa's Cheesebarn” is a refreshing composition released on the first day of the new decade by the project Lil Known Fact.

tummyache - machine

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Soren Bryce, or tummyache, shared the new music video for “machine,” an outstanding song from the debut EP “humpday.”

Jaialai - Victor's Belt [PREMIERE]

Genre: Neo-Psychedelia

Jaialai, a band from Miami, FL, shares a new song called “Victor's Belt,” and its light and danceable vibes are highly captivating.

Lucille Crew - Moments

Genre: Hip Hop

“Moments” is the delightful first single from the upcoming album of Tel Aviv based collective Lucille Crew.

12 Best Up-And-Coming Musicians Of 2019

Enjoy the beautiful music of these 12 best up-and-coming musicians that were presented here on Tonic Grain in 2019

Christina Cavazos - Oceans

Genre: Folk

Austin-based singer-songwriter Christina Cavazos has recently shared the gorgeous song “Oceans,” full of nostalgic vibes and warmth, which is very much appreciated this time of year.

Charlie O' Brien - Marine Mambi (Johnny Dynamite)

Genre: Folk

Charlie O' Brien, a gifted Irish artist, released the album "Hy Brasil, Songs of The Irish in Latin America,” and an important part of it is the song “Marine Mambi (Johnny Dynamite)” that sounds as refreshing as splashes of sea waves and as rebel as the spirit of captain “Dynamite” Johnny O' Brien.

Ring Them Bells - Ringo

Genre: Neo-Psychedelia

Copenhagen band Ring Them Bells has recently released the first single from their upcoming album, the song’s called “Ringo” and it just radiates peaceful sunshine vibes.

Prophecy Playground - Politely Polluting

Genre: Folk

“Politely Polluting” is the splendid third single from the upcoming album of Prophecy Playground, a project founded by singer-songwriter and composer Or Izekson.

Jensen McRae - White Boy

Genre: Pop

Singer-songwriter Jensen McRae shared her debut single “White Boy,” a profound ballad about cultural issues and a very personal experience.

Charli Adams - Backseat

Genre: Indie Rock

Charli Adams with her lovely recent release embodies everything that’s good about indie rock.

The Great Yawn - A Man In Need

Genre: Alt-Country

The Great Yawn, a South African band fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bakkes, shared the second single since the release of their debut album.

Lakshmi - Resurrection

Genre: Soul

Manchester based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lakshmi has recently released a startling ballad called “Resurrection.”

Marcus Grimm - Fenice

Genre: Neoclassical

“Fenice” is a gorgeous track off of the debut album “2 Planets” by Marcus Grimm, the instrumental project of Italian pianist and composer Marco Crivellaro.

TYGERMYLK - I Killed the Bees

Genre: Indie Rock

TYGERMYLK, the Brighton-based duo of Hayley Harland and Aurora Bennett, shared a new self-produced song from their upcoming EP, it’s inspiring and breathtaking.